Asked on Dec 28, 2011

What is the best home security system?

Jack MooreChapin PareTrevor R


Is there anything to look for that is not obvious, or hidden costs/surprises that you usually come across after you've purchased the product?
Thanks. Vonnie
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  • Vonnie, I'm not sure what one is best, but something to watch out for in a hidden cost is that I have heard of some companies charging you when an alarm is triggered, especially for "false alarms." Also, their monthly service charge may be an "introductory price" that goes up after a pre-determined amount of time.

  • Faidra at CA Global Inc
    on Dec 28, 2011

    The false alarm is actually charged by your local police department, I have first hand knowledge. You can have security company register your system with them to avoid a first time charge. With registration you get 3 false alarms before being charged 100.00, at least that's how it works in Georgia.

  • The best alarm system is a dog. But for those who do not want one the next best thing is simply a sign on the yard and windows. People who break in are not going to scope out if you really have one or not so its a low cost method of deterring these people until you decide what you really want or need. You need to protect only a few locations. People who break in got to bedrooms for jewelry, family rooms for entertainment equipment, and offices for computers etc. Upper windows do not need to be alarmed. A motion detector works fine in these areas. Ground level and below windows need to be wired to protect them if they are opened or broken into. Of course doors need to be alarmed. A emergency panic button needs to be placed in master bedroom, and hall on each level. Adding CO and fire alarm is a good idea, so is a water leak alarm near the hot water heater. As far as false alarms go. Every company has their own policy on cost when this happens. So does the township in which your reside. So your answer to what happens when an alarm is sent to the PD or FD you need to check with them. Most townships have someone who will come out for free to help you determine what and how your home should be protected. This would be the first place I would start. They can offer all sorts of helpful hints on keeping your home safe not only from intruders, but from fire as well.

  • Michael C
    on Jan 16, 2012

    The best things to look for are a wireless security system that covers the entrance ways and provides interior protection in the form of glass break sensors and/or motions. As far as hidden cost, make sure they are not pulling one over by telling you the system is free and then you end up paying an activation. You want a free basic system with free activation and installation with a monthly monitoring rate between 30 and 40 depending on the type of monitoring. I use to work at ADT and we did free basic systems, I work for Devcon Security now and we do the same thing.

  • Sherrie S
    on Jan 16, 2012

    Better than one dog is two dogs. The bigger the better. I also have night vision security cameras around the outside of the house. However, I still think dogs are the best deterrent.

  • Ginny Hens also work great. They make a racket at night when someone comes into their yard. They are rather stupid and tend to get run over by cars a lot, but they do breed like rabbits. The bottom line on protection is light and noise. if you have motion sensors that surround the home during the night. Have a dog or the Ginny Hens that make noise will keep intruders away. Although a large dog offers more personal protection. Its the noise which attracts attention that drives these folks away. Also Keeping shrubs cut down so not to provide a place for these intruders to hide behind is also suggested. Have a side of the house where they could break into windows? Plant holly bush there. The sharp leaves will tear them apart and they would rather not hide in them. Michael C has some good advice however. There are lots of companies, and systems available to the consumer. They all tend to do the exact same thing but their price points are all over the place. I would contact your local PD and ask them to do a free assessment of your properties security. They can advise you on what systems seem to be better then others. Some tend to have a lot of false alarms while others do not. They have the inside scoop on this and will be more then willing to help you determine what works and what does not.

  • Jennifer Z
    on Apr 16, 2012

    Check the equipment included in your package - you might need extra door or window sensors. Here's what ADT offers: Video surveillance is extra too.

  • Trevor R
    on May 30, 2012

    use it to make your monitoring system, you can read here to learn how

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  • Chapin Pare
    on Mar 23, 2015

    Turn to an ADT authorized dealer and your won't be finding any hidden fees. That's my advice as a person, who is aware of alarm systems and home automation.

  • Jack Moore
    on Nov 4, 2015

    Far too often, the biggest problem is not reading the contract. I worked as a call center operator for a security company, and nothing made anyone more upset than when I told them there was a service fee for sending a technician out. Make sure you read through the contract carefully and know exactly what you paying for and what you aren't, as well as what you might have to pay for in the future.

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