Asked on Dec 29, 2011

i am looking for good options for condo improvements

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i have a small condominium unit and i am looking for good layout (for asian family). can you recommend a good website to visit? your suggestions are also appreciated. Thanks.
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  • You are at the good web site to visit for your answer. There are many great designers here that can offer you all sorts of great ideas to help you spend your money on. Post photos of the rooms you want to start in and let people know what your looking to end up like and the creative juices will begin to fill up your post with lots of great ideas! Where are you located?

  • Imee, what are you looking for? I could help with the layout and basic design for your condo. Also, the best thing for you to do is upload picture of the condo itself or the floor plan and see all the ideas that will flow in from professionals and home improvements enthusiast here on Hometalk.

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