Asked on Mar 17, 2013

Fixin up the kids play yard

Alana BarrazaKMS WoodworksDufner & Son's Contracting


I would like to make an easy picnic table and table area and tips on any easy DIY for the kids huge back Yard to much space idk what do not alot of money, they have a swing set and a trampoline
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  • Dufner & Son's Contracting
    on Mar 18, 2013

    Dufner & Son's Contracting: Unless you just want to learn to build a picnic table, go ahead, but some of the big box stores sell them for virtually what you'd pay for .materials, already done. Kids don't need much to enjoy themselves , make sure you use mulch or rubber mulch under the swing set so when they fall they unlikely to get seriously hurt. PS Get a few big appliance boxes and let their imagination do the rest.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 18, 2013

    here is a post I did a while back that has a pic of the picnic table I built. I used 4 x 6 doug fir timbers and carriage bolts.

  • Alana Barraza
    on Mar 20, 2013

    The wood is no problem just wanna kno how to make one easy as possible thank u kms wood works I will give that a try

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