Asked on Dec 29, 2011

Problem with double doors to bathroom

Jackie SKatieWoodbridge Environmental


We have a set of basic double doors (NOT bifold) leading to our master bath from the bedroom. The doors click closed (well, they used to!) with pieces of hardware on top that fit into divot hardware on the top frame. Suddenly one of the doors isn't catching and won't stay closed. Not sure if I need new hardware (something to build out that piece so it'll catch) or something else. Appreciate any help!
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  • Katie, I have the same situation at home but I guess my hardware wasn't fixed right in the first place. I feel since your worked fine in the beginning it may be the door is a bit skewed and needs to be straightened. I would call in a handy man and straightened the door a bit because I don't think it's the hardware issues.

  • Hmm internet ghosts. Thought I replied before. As Yamini said a handyman type can fix this for you. What you have is a little spring and ball system installed into the top of the door,. This little ball is pushed up by the spring and sticks out of the top of the door about a 1/4 inch or so. On the door frame is a little receiver of sorts. It can be a piece of metal with a pocket formed into it to accept and hold the ball into place when the door is closed. If the door is to close to the frame or the ball is adjusted to stick out to far, the door is very hard to close and open. However the opposite happens if the door is to far away from the door frame when it is closed not allowing the ball to catch the receiver enough to hold the door into the closed position. Still another reason for it not working is the door is warped or out of alignment. I would take a small ladder and close the door while looking at the top of the door where it meets the latch device. You should quite easily determine the issue right off. If the ball is missing on the latch, which quite often it does happen. You can remove the latch by pulling up with a small pair of pliers and purchase a new one at your local home center. some of these are held into place with small screws others are simply pushed into a hole drilled into the top of the door. In any case this can be fixed easy.

  • Katie
    on Dec 31, 2011

    Thanks, y'all!

  • Jackie S
    on Dec 31, 2011

    You might want to check the hinge screws on the door and frame to see if they need tightening. It might be an alignment problem due to loose screws.

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