18 Budget-Friendly Home Updates for Guests

Guests are on the way, but is your home ready for hosting?

By Hometalk Highlights

Fluff Up Your Worn Couch Cushions

Add some stuffing to packed down couch cushions with this simple and inexpensive trick.

Declutter Your Bathroom Countertops

This easy wall organizer will keep your bathroom countertops clutter free and guest-ready.

Make Your Tub Look New Again

Make guests comfortable by covering up those nicks & scratches to get a fresh looking tub.

Add Easy Tooth Brush Storage

Stick some large bottle caps up on the bathroom wall using velcro, for extra toothbrush storage.

Put Up Floating Shelves

If you’d like to have some towels or toiletries available but lack the space, add shelves.

Use DIY Tabs to Keep a Toilet Cleaner Longer

Mix up your own fizzy toilet bombs to cut your cleaning time & keep the bathroom clean.

Add Inviting Touches to Your Porch

Set a welcoming porch with plenty of seating, to invite guests to relax and enjoy the snow.

Make Guest Room Windows Look Grand

Update blah guestroom windows with large floor to ceiling curtains on the very cheap.

Add a DIY Luggage Rack to The Guest Room

Take an hour to create this bright luggage rack that will ease your guests’ arrival.

Cover Scratched Floors with a Homemade Rug

There’s no time (or budget) for a full floor makeover, so cover it up with a pretty DIY.

Add Padding to Your Dining Chairs

Make your dining chairs a drop cozier for the holidays, with stylish cushions.

Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

A messy pantry is always a pain but it’s even worse during busy holidays, so try this!

Mix Up a Stove Top Potpourri to Set Simmering

Get sweet scents ready for when your guests walk in, to set the Christmas mood.

Outfit The Entryway Walls for Stylish Storage

Cover your entryway in hooks (and this chic wall update, if there’s time) for winter wear.

Make a Boot Tray for Snowy Galoshes

With all the boots marching into the house, things could get messy fast. This will help!

And Always Have Yummy Hot Drinks Available

This one is a must for anyone looking to pamper their guests - hot cocoa and coffee!