Pics from 2013 Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta

Hey Guys! So I went this weekend and here are some pictures I took. I would have liked to see more garden displays but it was cool.
jack frost siberian bugloss
I think this is Yedda Hawthorn
Davidii Viburnum
Interesting layering
This was what welcomed you into the show. Pretty cool
Is this the coolest tree or what? Contorted Filbert.
Peachy roses and tulips
These pictures really don't don't do these plants justice
Japenese Maples. They look like Bonsai they were so small.
Another Japenese Maple
This was a cool tree with red bark. This one was in the booth Southern Trillium did.
This was really cool looking. Kinda "mushroomy" Very low to the ground. It won a unique species award or something. See next image. Asarum maximum
Stenorrhynchos Albidomaculatium Say that 3 times fast ... ok, say it just once. lol Mello Spirit is the common name
Funky orchid
Cool looking orchid, huh?
Another view or that cool looking orchid. See name card in next image

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