Asked on Mar 19, 2013

my home made chalk paint did not stick to the laminate like the bought paint will why not?

Branka ClemensWoodbridge Environmental


have seen bought paint that stuck to a stencil plastic and wont come off mine will why doesn't; the home made do that
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  • I would assume it has to do with additives that the manufacture puts in their product that perhaps did not go into your mix? Also prep has a lot to do with it as well. Even the best paints have difficulty sticking to smooth shiny surfaces. That is why we sand and degloss before we paint.

  • Branka Clemens
    on Oct 8, 2015

    What did you use to make it? I use plaster of paris with a good quality flat latex paint and it sticks to everything. Three parts paint, one part plaster of paris and just enough cold water to make a smooth paste of the plaster before mixing it in with your paint. I always prepare the surface before painting. Clean it well and then wipe it down with liquid sandpaper. Make sure your surface is dry before you paint and wait at least two hours between coats.

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