Asked on Mar 20, 2013

How do I keep the dust down in my house?

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My husband, his 82 year old father and my two miniature pinschers are constantly leaving and returning, carrying dirt and other things in on their shoes/boots. I had a Roomba but someone obviously doesn't like the comptetion and has removed it from the room. I am not going spend every day sweeping and scrubbing when I can cut out a step with the Roomba every day.
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  • Linda, are you talking about dust or dirt from the feet of the doggies? Feet dirt is simply controlled by using a good quality door carpet and followed by your vacuum. Dust on the other hand is a completely different animal. no pun intended. Quite often people think other sources are the cause of a dusty house, when in fact it has more to do with air leakage and a poorly sealed air duct system if you have that type of heat. A house acts like a chimney. The attic gets hot during the day and as the air becomes hot in that space it becomes lighter. As it goes upwards due to the heat it creates a negative pressure on the floor of the attic in relation to the ceiling of the rooms and rest of the house below. As the air is drawn up towards the attic spaces and out the vents that should be open. When this occurs air must come in from elsewhere to make up for this loss. It is there where the outside air is pulled into the home and along with it is dust. If you have a power vent system on the roof, this condition becomes worse, Add cooling or heating supplied by air worse even more. Forget the filters, the air is bypassing them and being blown all over the house. Is the heating in the basement? Again assuming you have a forced air system, most likely the return ducts are not sealed or sized properly. This oftentimes results in air being drawn into the duct system in unconditioned areas that contain dust. IN the case of the basement air is pulled in around the sills of the house. The result is more dusty air from outside entering into the house. So depending upon the type of dirt were talking about I would not blame the pooches quite so fast.

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