Asked on Dec 30, 2011

Paint removal

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What's the best way to remove a bit of paint off wall tiles in my shower ?
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  • 3po3
    on Dec 30, 2011

    Mineral spirits have worked for me. You might also try nail polish remover (which most people are more likely to have on hand).

  • This depends upon if it is latex or alkyd. Steve has the alkyd covered. For latex (water based) try Dawn Power Dissolver or Simple Green.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Dec 30, 2011

    You can also go the The Depot and get a product 'Goof Off' that works on most paints. CP

  • Tcs
    on Jan 5, 2016

    My steam mop removed old paint splatters off wood floors. Sure it would work even better on tile

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