I have a split level home, 1 bath upstairs and a bathroom that was added to the downstairs area some years before I bought the home. I moved in, had the bathroom redone and now, when I use water upstairs (shower, dishwasher, faucet) the downstairs tub backs up with brown water that smells dirty, kinda like rust, grease and whatever else. Had the downstairs bathroom snaked twice, helped for a minute but didn't last longer than a month. Camera went down and said there were no branches or roots in my sewer line that the could see. Had three plumbers come out,and no one can really give me a clue on what to do. One plumber mentioned something about Venting, but it was more like, "maybe that is what it is but Im not sure" Another one said I may need to just tear down the entire downstairs area where all the plumbing is and redo it all.... any suggestions? im frustrated and about ready to throw in the towel ....
This is the grime left behind when water backs up into my downstairs tub, whenever water is used up stairs.

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  • Angela C
    on Jan 15, 2012

    Happy New Year! I just poured myself of Turkey Hill Pomegranate Lemonade and a shot of cheap tequila, and Im gonna read through everything Woodbridge wrote. The tub is on the lower level, a basement that includes a small kitchen, laundry, bedroom, den and fireplace. When I wash clothes, the basement kitchen sink gurgles. And I've just noticed an old wet stain on the ceiling in the hallway in front of the basement bathroom door, like there was a leak there at one time. I touched it, its dry but I didn't notice it before. And as of today, the water in the tub is NOT going down. It's a tub full of greasy, smelly rusty red brown water. Yuck! Calling someone this week. I've been showering at a friends house

  • Jerrod W
    on Jan 18, 2012

    your trap leading out of the house might be blocked and only allowing a small amount of water out.. clean the trap and flush it out with a flush bag and a garden hose.

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