DIY Pom Pom Mobile Tutorial

I created this beautiful and inexpensive mobile for our daughter's nursery with two simple craft supplies - yarn and an embroidery hoop.
diy pom pom mobile tutorial, crafts, how to
1. Start by making all of your pom poms. I made them in a variety of different sizes for my mobile (in total I made 35 pom poms).
diy pom pom mobile tutorial, crafts, how to
2. Wrap the yarn around your fingers (I used two fingers for a small pom pom, three fingers for a slightly larger pom pom and four fingers for the largest size). I wrapped the yarn around my fingers about 90 - 100 times.
3. Cut another piece of yarn in the same colour (about 6 inches long). Thread the yarn between your fingers, tying once loosely. Slide the yarn off of your fingers and tighten the yarn to ensure a secure knot.
4. Using scissors cut through the loops on both sides.
5. Fluff the yarn to form a full pom pom.
6. Trim the yarn to create a uniform looking shape.
diy pom pom mobile tutorial, crafts, how to
Next, take apart the embroidery hoop and use the inside hoop (without the metal piece) and wrap the it in yarn.
diy pom pom mobile tutorial, crafts, how to
Cut five pieces of yarn to your desired length (these pieces should be long enough to gather together and tie at the very top of your mobile and hang as long as you wish at the bottom).
Lay out each piece of yarn and determine the order you'd like your pom poms to be in (consider size and colour). Once you are happy with the appearance of your mobile, begin tying the pom poms to the string of yarn by looping it through the piece of yarn used to tie the pom pom in Step 2. Start at the top of the mobile and work your way down. I added one pom pom at the top centre (where all five pieces of yarn meet) and two per piece of yarn before I hit the embroidery hoop.
diy pom pom mobile tutorial, crafts, how to
Tie each piece of yarn around the embroidery hoop and finish with a pom pom (this is where I used the largest size). Continue tying on pom poms until you reach the bottom of the yarn.
diy pom pom mobile tutorial, crafts, how to
We secured the mobile on the ceiling with an eye hook. Remember to keep the mobile out of reach of your baby, and ensure your mobile is secure so that no pieces are able to fall into the crib.

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  • Sharon Murphy Dean
    on Dec 19, 2015

    It's a great idea, really cute, but how about some bright colors instead of soft and muted tones??? Babies are drawn to bright colors like reds and yellows and oranges and greens too. This would give them something bright to look at and stimulate them at the same time!

    • Margie
      on Apr 4, 2017

      Actually Sharon babies cant see colors when they are born and when they do start seeing colors they are black, white and red..sure as heck not a soft yellow, but your baby will eventually see the mobile , and anyone can use any color they like..i think she chose the perfect colors for her baby boy,. 1. because its hers and 2. dont insult people who are trying to help others u twit
  • Joy
    on Dec 19, 2015

    It seems after you tie it off and "cut through both sides" you would cut the pom pom in half! What am I missing?

  • Samantha Koch
    on Jun 22, 2018

    I love the colors you used! Can you tell me what brand and colors of yarn please?

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  • Sirkku
    on Apr 20, 2017

    So pretty, thanks for sharing
  • Joanna
    on Jul 21, 2017

    I don't have a need for a mobile, but thank you for the tutorial on how to make pom-poms! Thanks for sharing.
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