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We just moved here and I am wondering : What to plant over the septic field?

We just cleaned out the septic field (see where the Halloween decor is). I put this picture in so you see I can not add it to the house landscaping...Ugg...we have clay, so the house landscaping will have to probably wait 'till fall (we have salt water-can not water with house water) So, for now I'm just concern what type of decoration or planting should I put in the area right over the clean out. We can not just grass it over because we need to be able to find it again when we clean out again. Any suggestions? Thanks
we just moved here and i am wondering what to plant over the septic field, gardening

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  • Dotti Johnson-Porrett
    on Mar 21, 2013

    Thanks so much for the advise. We didn't plant anything the 1st spring we were here because we knew we would have to clean out and wanted to see how much of a mess they would make. Now that it is done...I'm itching to do something. I live in Michigan. The house was in disrepair for about 3-5 years so we have had a lot of work with it. I've been dealing with the 1/2 pond and orchard so the front has been neglected. It really has no curb appeal so this year I will devote more time on the front since I have the 5 acres on it's way. I'm hoping to rip up the landscaping this spring while the ground is wet and easier to "pull" lol. I would love some type of antique lawn/garden but haven't found a place to look for something like that. Our county extension is working bare thin..because of local cut backs. I had to order trees from the count over one, because they won't even be able to do that this year. So sad. I haven't even been able to find some one to test the pond for I won't let anyone eat the fish out of there yet...Thanks again.

  • Clarissa Fowler
    on Jan 20, 2015

    I like a flag pole

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