Asked on Mar 21, 2013

Concrete Driveway

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We are completing the last few pours of our circle driveway. Due to my husband doing it himself because of the size, there is different colors in the driveway. What can we put on the finished product to even out the color, or can it be stain?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 21, 2013

    is he tinting it?...if he is used regular concrete and mixing per directions the colors should be a uniform grey once the moisture levels equilibrate. acid staining an option too.

  • Cement colors change with age. New poured cement tends to have a gray appearance. As it drys it tends to turn a bright white color. Then as it ages it tends to go back to a more gray color again. So I would wait for some time before you do anything to the surface of the cement. After a long hot summer I would suggest sealing the cement to help prevent stains and water intrusion into the surface. There are several concrete sealers that are clear available. If the color still does not match that can be the result of different mixes being used. In any case again once the cement has dried and it takes a few months for this to really happen, simply stain the surface using a sealer stain. Most masonry supply centers sell these supplies as do some better quality paint stores. Of course there is always the option to use one of the products sold by the big box stores, but having a professional supply center help you with the products will assure that you get the results your looking for.

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