I am considering under cabinet lighting for my kitchen. Has anyone used the flexible led lighting for their cabinets?

If so, what kind did you purchase? I see the ones from Lowe's and Home Depot and I don't like the kits that they sell. I want the flexible kits.
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jan 02, 2012
    Gordon, you might want to check out this discussion from some folks who have installed under cabinet lighting: http://www.hometalk.com/activity/45281

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Jan 02, 2012
    the rope lighting does not give you much light if you need it for cooking, etc. we installed lights that are long strips, 3 -5 lights per strip depending on the length of the cabinets and they are very effective. I bought them at a lighting store and they also have them at the big box stores as well. Good luck

  • Posh Patios Posh Patios on Jan 02, 2012
    I just posted a cheaper way to get good lighting without the big price tag. Finding great lighting is easy....finding affordable great lighting is not. My solution may work for you.

  • yes ,,,most clients call back after few months to replace,,,good luck

  • Rope lighting works fine. The biggest issue with this product is getting the correct length and product for the job. I recently did a project for a client that had a very large outdoor patio with all sorts of steps and overhangs in which we did rope lighting on. The end results turned out great, The came with the ability to custom cut the length we needed. The ones from the big box stores do not offer this that I am aware of. You simply cannot cut them down without special products and sealant caps etc. The company I used was on line. Here is their link. http://www.affordablequalitylighting.com/docs/indoor/rope/index.html?gclid=COTm7q7Tsa0CFUOo4AodBFaLmQ

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 02, 2012
    I'm a fan of the LED puck lights..they direct more usable light to the work area.

  • LandlightS LandlightS on Jan 02, 2012
    Look into Juno Trac 12 Low Voltage Miniature system It is a low voltage system and when I install the system, I use the rigid lampholder with a T-3 rigid end Xenon 10 watt lamp. It is only about 3/4" deep and hides behind the average light rail. Use it with a magnetic remote transformer and a standard Lutron Diva dimmer and you have great control over the light intensity. I place the lampholders every 6 inches for great light distribution with no "hot"spots. This link will take you to the lampholder and you can find the trac ans accessories on the same site. http://www.junolightinggroup.com/product_detail.asp?ino=6411&Sel_Id=5939&brand=1

  • Donna McCrummen Donna McCrummen on Jan 02, 2012
    I have xenon (sp) they get very very hot

  • LandlightS LandlightS on Jan 02, 2012
    Yes they do get hot, but 50 percent less heat than halogen puck lights.

  • Designs by BSB Designs by BSB on Jan 03, 2012
    Xenon is the best option on the market, with equal consideration to quality and price!

  • Gordon F Gordon F on Jan 03, 2012
    I like the xenon lights, but I seriously burned my hand on them one day. I really feel nervous with those lights.

  • Gordon F Gordon F on Jan 03, 2012
    I purchased the LED battery lights a few years ago and they suck big time. I bought six sets of them thinking that they would offer great light, but they didn't come close to decent lighting.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 03, 2012
    I have a set of "wired" LED's not quite as bright as the old halogens...but way better in the Temp and $$$ dept. I don't worry if they get left on all night...for both safety and waste of elec...and when we have house guests I leave them on as a "night light"

  • Jhunt10 Jhunt10 on Feb 26, 2015
    Never install Halogen, they are too hot, had to remove all mine and replaced with LEDs. CFL or LED is the only safe lights undercounter.