Asked on Jan 2, 2012

For bathroom countertops is Cambria a good choice? I believe that Cambria is a high-end quartz. How about sinks?

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For bathroom countertops is Cambria a good choice? I believe that Cambria is a high-end quartz. Would I use an undermount sink as we did with our granite in the kitchen?
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  • Cambria is fin for a bathroom Lavonne, However I would if it was mine try to purchase a top with a solid surface without a under mount sink. Primary reason is bacteria. With a under mount sink its often difficult to clean directly under the area where the sink mounts to the top. Leaving spatter behind. However I would not discourage this method of mounting, Its all about the quality of the workmanship that goes into this mount that makes it ok or not.

  • LaVonne, Great points from Bob (Woodbridge). I am a huge fan of Cambria..but I tend to direct folks toward cultured-marble/onyx/granite tops with an integrated sink in bathrooms. There are hundreds of colors/styles to choose from today as opposed to the handful available a decade ago. They are arguably the most cost-effective bathroom tops available. Here is a website of one manufacturer that explains what the product is.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jan 3, 2012

    Personally I'm a big fan of "drop in" sinks....for some reason the raised edge appeals to me. Perhaps it stems from a childhood memory of those cheesy one piece acrylic eyesores... In my master I installed a single porcelain Kohler Model

    , drop in sink
  • Designs by BSB
    on Jan 3, 2012

    Cambria is a reputable quartz product - all colors are one price group, so depending on your preference they could prove to be the most expensive (in the quartz arena anyway). Silestone, Zodiac, and Caesarstone are equivalent competitors. I agree with the undercount method, they are unsanitary.. but alas, hard to beat the beautiful design options with under mount sinks on the market. If cleaning concerns you, Id encourage you to look at Corian solid surface - they have come a long way and now have colors that can compete with with marble and granite while still offering the option of an integrated sink.

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