Asked on Mar 24, 2013

Adult w/ med issues would like to have small COTTAGE built in parents' GA HUGE backyard. Do-able? Thoughts?

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I live in Georgia and am going to be moving in with my parents. We're discussing having a small cozy cottage built in my parents' backyard. They have 2 acres and it's not in an HOA subdivision. We found the perfect spot to build such a cottage. Do the regulations in Cobb County Ga allow this? They are on septic tank, so the small cottage for 1 person would need to be connected to their existing septic tank and utilities. No garage or driveway needed. Also, we'd like to do this for $25,000 or less. Thoughts?
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  • You need to check with the local township on this. AS far as connecting to the existing septic, I doubt it will be allowed seeing the new structure is not connected to the house. IN addition the septic needs to be sized for number of bedrooms. If your current system has been sized for the existing house it may be to small. lastly the only way to get a structure cottage that cheep is to purchase a pre made shed and fit it out. I think you will be more in the $50 grand area however assuming you can connect to the septic and water supply. But it will be tight at that price.

  • Craig W. Isaac Architecture
    on Mar 24, 2013

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  • LandlightS
    on Mar 25, 2013

    I can only tell you that Cobb County is a Royal PIA when it comes to building permits and inspections,,,,,,,as well as code enforcement. Not knowing if your location is under the authority of the City of Marietta or Cobb County, the first step would be to inquire with the proper Code office to find out if they will approve your plans. Then you will need an architect to design the building and a General Contractor to present the plans to the Planning Commission and after approval to secure the building permits. Do not attempt to be your own contractor. Good Luck, Gary

  • Courtier Construction
    on Mar 26, 2013

    Not sure about GA, but, as stated by the other Hometalkers, first check with local building officials for what is reqired, AND then you can determine the cost. Good Luck

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 26, 2013

    Your price range is not too far out there. Many of the "tiny houses" on trailers fall near that price range but are often in the 100 to 120 sq foot range. This put the sq foot cost much higher that many homes. Part of this is due to the trailer (sometimes that can be 3 to 5K) other have to do with material quality and the lack of "economy of scale" a 1000 sq foot home could be built for 100,000 k or 100 per sq foot. Then again you could install high end finishes (marble, granite, hardwood window frame trim etc...and exceed 300 per foot. I'm currently building a 200 sq foot cabin on our New Mexico property and am well under 25 k...granted There is no labor cost factored in as I am a one man construction crew.

  • @Neece , Gary from @LandlightS is right. We'd be happy to be a local resource for you. Our website is

  • Neece
    on Mar 26, 2013

    Great info. I really appreciate all of your thoughts, so thanks to everyone. Cobb County (GA) planning dept gave my parents the 'no go' talk yesterday on having a small cottage built... Even if they had it built on their add'l lot (next door) they said it would have to be a minimum of 1200 sq ft. Ridiculous! I've been following the tiny houses on trailers for years - they intrigue me. So are you thinking that a small cottage on a trailer would be do-able in their backyard and that your company could help with this?

  • Trailer would be great. So if you get tired of them you can move them. lol only kidding. Why not just do a add on to the existing house? Design it so later on it can be converted back to a larger family room or a future place for you and your better half.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 27, 2013

    1200 sq foot minimum is pretty bogus in my book. If it is your own land you should be able to do what ever you want. These minimums just ensure a fat tax base for the bureaucratic over reaching government. The trailer option is one way to fight back.

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