Rescued a painted/whitewashed kitchen table.

1 Hour
This old kitchen table had too many family dinners and kids gathered around it to replace it, but the finish was gone! I thought about a solid paint, but didn't want that look. So scrubbed it with Purple Power to really deep clean it, remove all the grease and take off any remaining glaze (there wasn't much). After a thorough drying, I used some leftover paint that was close in color to do a "wipe on, wipe off" type of application. When I had it pretty even, I let it dry and sprayed it with some satin Polyurethane. Just 2 very light coats. It looks and feels SO much better, and we still have our table with memories!
When I say the finish was bad... I mean really bad!
The left side was definitely worse.
I started working on the left side... wow, what a difference!
The finished table. Wonderful, and only cost me a can of Polyurethane.

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