Noel Window Shelf

Everyone loves a window upcycle, but with its stencil and storage, this one’s a winner! Get tutorial here

Lit-up Reindeer Sign

This creative DIYer brought a simple stencil to life with glittering fairy lights. Get tutorial here

Bright Holiday Planter

Nothing is off limits when it comes to holiday decor - even houseplants can dress up! Get tutorial here

Rustic Reindeer Stow Crate

If you’re going to be adding extra storage to your living spaces, why not do it in style? Get tutorial here

Color Pop Tree Pillows

Blank pillows make for an easy color opportunity, like this bright Christmas tree graphic. Get tutorial here

Silver Ornament Tote

This subtle metallic ornament accent is one way to add a light festive flavor to decor. Get tutorial here

Cozy Mantel Accent

Nothing says cozy winter like red knitted mittens - what better way to dress up your mantel. Get tutorial here

Festive Storage Sign

Whether they’re storing throws, cards, or hats & gloves, baskets pop with holiday signs. Get tutorial here

Birch Tree Runner

To add magical charm to her holiday table, this blogger stenciled a rich runner of birches. Get tutorial here

Bold Ornaments Wall Art

A thrifted picture frame finds a whole new way to impress using stencils and Sharpies! Get tutorial here

Cute Cocoa Tray

The only thing better than adding a cocoa tray to the kitchen is making it adorable! Get tutorial here

Wood Block Tree

This colorful wood block build may be the easiest fake tree so far, thanks to stencils. Get tutorial here

Edgy Reindeer Tapestry

Christmas decor doesn’t have to be all shiny red & bright green - this tapestry adds an edgy touch. Get tutorial here

Rusty Reindeer Art

Using sheet metal, this rustic-loving decorator brought reindeer decor to a new level. Get tutorial here