Asked on Mar 24, 2013

Looking for a all-purpose Weather Proofing spray for outside projects

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As I work on my back deck restyle project, I am looking for the best all-purpose weather proofing spray that will protect painted, rusted, fabric and whatever else I do on the deck. I don't want my projects to look weathered unless I want the to. I am in the PNW in Portland, OR area where there is some moisture (not all the time but some of the time) Any suggestions. I have the deck covered.
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 24, 2013

    the paint should take care of itself, for wood I'm a fan of the penetrating oil finishes. Fabrics could be protected with "camp dry" type silicone spray.

  • Sweet Papaya Creative
    on Mar 24, 2013

    I have never worked with oil based paint before. I have heard they are difficult to deal with. What has your experience been?

  • Oil based products would work best in wet environments and should be used when ever you can. This is why the Rust-Oluem products are so popular for outside metal use. Having many family members in the WA area and understanding how everything grows even cement because of the damp weather in your state, I would suggest that you use this product or follow the advice of KMS Woodworks on this. He has a lot of experience in hard weather climates.

  • Sharron Abrams
    on Mar 25, 2013

    Have you tried looking in the boat areas? I needed a poly that wood hold up on my wood door. Used a boat poly - holds up great. Also to attach a plastic pot to metal roller wheels for my garden hose I drilled holes in the bottom of the pot and used boat rope to attach the 4 wheel metal so I may clean under the pot. This works great. Try looking into anything in the boat section for whatever you need for bad weather use

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