14 Cleaning Tips From 2015 That Really Work (Well!)

Say goodbye to grime in 2016 - now, we know what works!

By Hometalk Highlights

Get Inside Your Oven Door

This will help you clean between the glass of your oven door and get rid of that murky haze.

Disappear Mattress Stains

You don't want to know how those got there, but you might want to know how to get them out!

Mix Your Own Plugin Refill

Instead of splurging on refills and tossing these pods, mix your own refill on the cheap.

Use Laundry Leftovers as a Faucet Cleaner

Save those used cling sheets to clean every metal faucet in your home.

Wash Away Cooking Smells with Coffee Grounds

Rinse away those strong clinging scents, like onion and garlic, with a used coffee ground wash.

Get Sparkling Oven Racks Using Your Tub

Give your oven racks a soak in the tub with soap and some more of those used cling sheets!

Make Hard Water Stains Vanish Overnight

It just takes a few well-piled paper towels and some vinegar from your pantry - voila!

Rid Outdoor Seating of Mold

Those outdoor cushions can get a bit grimy after a year's worth of weather - this will help.

Put the Shine Back in Your Porcelain

Make your own scrubbing solution to get the stain out & put the sparkle into your ceramic sinks.

Make Your Toilet Cleaner for Longer

Just drop one in, and these fizzy toilet bombs will keep your toilets clean for much longer!

Replace Crumbly Grout and Caulk

When your tub starts looking moldy and crumbly around the edges, it's time for this bath update.

Turn T-Shirts into Wipes

After you've cleaned out your closet this season, turn old t's into reusable disinfectant wipes.

Deodorize Your Carpet

Sprinkle this homemade cleaner across your carpet, to lift any scents that might settle over time.

Keep Your Stainless Steel Sparkling

Whether for your sink, fridge, or washer, this SS cleaner is what you've been looking for.