8 Clever Things to Do With Empty Christmas Tins

We all love those big, round Christmas popcorn tins, but here's how you can enjoy it even after it's totally empty!

By Hometalk Highlights

Chalkboard Snack Storage

Cover your tin in chalkboard paint and turn it into versatile snack storage for your pantry.

Rope-Wrapped Catch-Alls

Need a space to store hardware bits, buttons, or coins? This is pretty & practical.

Countertop Container Set

If you have cans in different sizes, paint them all one color and create a storage set.

Vinyl Lettering Personalized Bin

This is great for pet food, gifts, toy storage, or anything at all you wish to personalize.

Backyard Charcoal Bucket

Keep charcoal close to the BBQ without it getting in the way of backyard parties with a tin!

Glam Kitty Food Container

In case you don't feel like painting, this cat food container can be done with just duct tape and stickers!

Closet Shelf Storage

Make the perfect bin for gloves and hats by repurposing a popcorn tin with spray paint.