Fabulous Shelves

What do you think about these shelves? This is a great idea for storage. I would just add some drawers or cabinets on the bottom for stuff I don't want to display. I'm a fan of any type of storage. Over time we collect things, some necessary and some unnecessary. Collecting stuff is not the problem but having no space it's. Wall shelves are good to store not only books but also pottery, collective art,
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  • Dayoris Custom
    on Mar 28, 2013

    Yeah, I agree it should not be open but perhaps have some drawers or cabinets. However, I do like the design. It's more like a library. You need various shelves for your books. The thing is there are only a few books...More books will define the design :-)

  • Sabrina Peart
    on Feb 19, 2014

    This looks perfect for what I want. I'd take a few shelves out and store my fabric bolts here... I love it. There are lights you can install on top of the shelves to shine right onto the fabric bolts and there would of course be other things I could store. It's in my future!

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