I want to paint my front door with chalk paint

My front door has weathered and only was stained when it was originally put up 30 years ago - it has some scratches on it and looks weathered - it is under cover but gets direct sunlight - we are in WV so the weather is 90's in summer and as low as 10 below sometimes - will the chalk paint weather well? I can't take a picture sorry.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 29, 2015
    Heres a site that should help you with your project. www.thepurplepaintedlady.com/tag/front-door/
  • Linda Linda on Dec 29, 2015
    chalk paint is not water proof.
    • Jeani Miller Miner Jeani Miller Miner on Dec 29, 2015
      @Linda Actually it is water resistant. I've used it outdoors for years and my pieces look as good as the day I painted them. This comment refers only to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as I have no experience with the homemade variety or other brands
  • Somewhat Quirky Somewhat Quirky on Dec 29, 2015
    A lot of it depends on which "chalk paint" you use. Since brands use the term very loosely and they vary in composition. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can be used on exterior surfaces. They should not be waxed. The shop where I buy ASCP has their exterior doors painted with chalk paint and they are going on 3 years. It has worn very well (Michigan). If you are unsure about the durability you can use Modern Masters Exterior Dead Flat Varnish as a finish. Both of these products are excellent.
  • Max Max on Dec 29, 2015
    I have a very tall entry door that faces west in the Texas sun. I sanded the old weathered stain down and bought a quart of paint from Benjamin Moore that could stand up to the heat and direct sun. It looks great and has lasted for five years so far. I left the interior stained by the way. I am not at all sure about even the best chalk paint.
  • Debra Bradford-Robinson Debra Bradford-Robinson on Dec 29, 2015
    I have an old building in downtown Marshall, Mi. Annie Sloan chalk paint was used on the outside of the building. Same conditions that you have. Annie Sloan chalk paints are usable outside.
  • Jeani Miller Miner Jeani Miller Miner on Dec 29, 2015
    I have 2 chandeliers (previously brass) and a wooden bench that have all be painted with ASCP. They have been outdoor with no protection for at least 3 years. I did NOT wax the pieces per Annie Sloan directions.
  • I just painted my front door with Behr Marquee and I had fabulous results! Even though I had it rain about 8 hours after I painted, the painters tape took some of the paint off and I had to do some touch ups and I had the house power washed less than 2 days after ward and it has rained off and on since I painted 2 weeks ago! The door looks fabulous and I painted all 3 steel doors. Behr Marquee is supposed to hold up to the sun and the weather. I painted in 3 light coats with a good brush.
  • Melanie Melanie on Dec 30, 2015
    We had our front door painted with car paint at an auto body shop. They sprayed it on and it was very inexpensive. The end results were amazing! We have had it now for 15 years and it still looks the same as when it was done.
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