Asked on Mar 27, 2013

how to enhance wall storage

Decor 8JoanKimberly Barney


I have a couple of built in shelves in my bathroom with 4" tile around these areas. I need help to figure out how to make these areas better looking. Any ideas? I have decorative holders for makeup and hair things but still looks barren.
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  • Kimberly Barney
    on Mar 27, 2013

    I am limited as to what assistance I can give without pictures. However, I would suggest colorful washcloths for one way to pick up color and fill the niches. Of course, that depends on where they are located in the bathroom.

  • Joan
    on Mar 27, 2013

    You know that just might work! THANK you! for thinking of a solution for me

  • Decor 8
    on Mar 29, 2013

    Maybe painting the back of the shelves a bright color or wallpaper them would give you a little zing!

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