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I have twin sons heading to college. It's a ways off but with end-of-year sales coming (take advantage of clearance sales, right!?) I'd like some advice on how to help outfit their dorm rooms. They are both neat nicks and with space at a minimum they need to make the most of their drawers etc. Any advice?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 29, 2015
  • Katrina Warren Katrina Warren on Dec 29, 2015
    @MN Mom A lot really depends on their personalities, what they like or do for hobbies, etc...... & of course the rules & regulations of what exactly you can do with the room. For example if they like sports, google bedroom décor with that particular sport, Sci-Fi, music, hunting, fishing, skateboard, etc..... for lots of great ideals.
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Dec 29, 2015
    I should clarify I'm not in need of decorations ( Pintrest is a no brainier for that) but real advice from other parents who have had to help organizing. My daughter didn't need help but these guys do!
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 30, 2015
    The one thing you can do is keep things simple...white sheet sets so matching is no problem. Storage for shoes, books, sheet/towels, etc. can be shallow bins/trays underneath bed (find out size of beds & height off floor). Storage shelf behind toilet (if private bath) can allow for lots of storage. A narrow shelving unit deep enough for storage bins between/beside beds can be side table and storage. Think storage instead of petty for everything you get. Purchase brackets and spring rod (much like for shower curtains) to attach to make double hanging for closets! If closet large enough a bookcase can provide shelving inside! Pants/T's/sweaters can fit on shelves! (P.S. you can make bins for storage out of almost any scrap wood...drawers out of old chests...can even put casters on them to roll out!)
    • MN Mom MN Mom on Dec 30, 2015
      Thanks, Jeanette! I love the tension rod idea to double hanging space!
  • Jean Thompson Jean Thompson on Dec 30, 2015
    make sure the room has a place to hang Damp Towels from them taking a shower. ( they get stinky Fast if not dried. ( Laundry room is shared in the Dorm so its not always convenient to do laundry either.. The Rooms are small for sure, longer bunked beds, desk for each ( my son's room had them built in) Closets are small too and most likely shared, He used plastic Tubs to keep lots of his stuff in under the bed and under desk.! ! .. Basic= 7 pair pants ( jeans take a long time to dry) , 7 t-shirts, several long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts, 1 dress out fit, 7 pair socks, undies. Cold weather gear. so everything must be able to fit in a small space for sure..There is usually a couple shelves for books etc.. make sure you tour and look at the rooms where they will stay, they might not be roomies either....***Take measurements and try out the layout at home to get an idea of just what they can take with them... and from my experience I know he didn't wash the sheets weekly either ! !
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    • MN Mom MN Mom on Dec 30, 2015
      I can only imagine how much febreeze will be needed vs. how much will be used. Lol
  • Lindy Lindy on Dec 30, 2015
    The heavy duty Command Hooks, tension rods to maximize closet space-try to Google what the dorm rooms look like, Here is a link from Bed/bath/beyond-you put in your school and they show what you need. Worth a try:
  • Sherry Fram Sherry Fram on Dec 30, 2015
    First thing is bed risers to get the bed up high enough to slide storage bins under. Those were a life saver when I was in a dorm!
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    • LuckieDuckie LuckieDuckie on Dec 30, 2015
      Ahh, ouch. That's a hard one, though the bunking helps to save some space! I was lucky enough to live in a triple that had lofted beds. It meant that I had to climb, but luckily the desks weren't built in, so I could slide mine under, along with a small bookshelf. It came in handy when my roommate had her boyfriend over... Eep.
  • Linda Linda on Dec 30, 2015
    Get medium to dark blue sheets and they can be washed with jeans. Believe me they aren't going to sort colors for the wash or wash sheets by themselves.
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    • MN Mom MN Mom on Dec 30, 2015
      We had the conversation today and they're getting blue towels and sheets to throw in the wash together. One thing to check off the list!
  • Jeanie Jeanie on Dec 30, 2015
    Extra long twin sheets.under bed rolling storage.towels in 1 color.
  • Dee Dee on Dec 30, 2015
    If they are not already included in the room, a dorm fridge & microwave will help them save lots of money on snacks and drinks. And bed risers are a must-lots of storage space under there.
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    • Jean Thompson Jean Thompson on Dec 30, 2015
      @Dee Yes my son went to Cafeteria where he didn't realize that they paid by the lb for the big salad he made... that 10$ supper was an eyeopener... so a microwave sure came in handy... and if allowed a sandwich maker for grilled cheese and filled Sandwiches... and don't forget the Big jar of Peanutbutter and some boxes of snack crackers like ritz or store brand.. and a big sturdy bowl or soup mug - my son made oatmeal in his dorm room, there was a kitchen down stairs they could use if they had time and he would make fried eggs and toast.. The Colony Restaurant on Campus had meals for about 6 to 8 bucks that included your Beverage so he would always get milk..
  • LuckieDuckie LuckieDuckie on Dec 30, 2015
    Get a pegboard or wire grid instead of a bulletin board. They can put supplies in small containers and hook them onto the grid. They can customize as needed. Also, mount a power strip on it so that they have a ready charging station for devices. You can mount one on the side of the bed also. Best thing ever-- I found a besser with a comforter that had pockets. I could put all sort of things in them like small books or snacks. A lifesaver! I also make a little night stand thing that hooked on the side of my bed when it was lofted high. I could keep a drink on it while I "studied" (read manga), and I clipped a little light on it as a reading lamp.
  • Carol Hougaboom Holman Carol Hougaboom Holman on Jan 01, 2016
    Walmart carries fade free towels. My daughter received these as a gift. Blue fades quickly even if washed with dark clothes. Also Extra long sheets. Something to leave personal bathroom items in. Toilet bowel cleaning brush. The schools do sometimes provide cleaning products, however I would never us that toilet brush.
  • Carol Hougaboom Holman Carol Hougaboom Holman on Jan 01, 2016
    Personal and Stand fans. The rooms usually don't have air conditioning.
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