Asked on Jan 6, 2012

Beautiful wooden storm doors?

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While visiting my sister in Raleigh, NC I noticed everyone had beautiful wood storm doors. Where can you buy these in the Atl. area? I have never seen them anywhere near Buford, GA.
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  • Not sure where as far as local supplier, but by going to any lumber yard not a home center type they can show you several wooden storms that are readily available for purchase by custom order. These types of storm doors are custom ordered as they require a bit more maintenance then most people want to deal with so they are not mass produced. Because they are the first line of defense for the main door, they take the brunt of the weathering so finish needs to be maintained as well as sealing system that is fitted into the frame of the door. Aluminum doors tend to last a lot longer which is why you see them all the time. Here is a link for a company in VA that makes custom doors such as these.

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    on Jan 13, 2012

    Tucker door.....

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