I have searched everywhere for a lower heating element for my Mom's Hotpoint late 1950's wall oven.

No luck. I am now searching for the actual oven; sadly the model number has worn away. The oven measures 27 wide by 32 high. The interior of the oven measures 16 wide by 18 high. Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks, Ruth

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  • Comet Comet on Jan 04, 2015
    HAve you tried taking the element out and taking it to a used appliance place? They specialize in repairing these older models and might have something that would work or know where you could get an element; or maybe even a re-furbished oven. There are also on=-line places that deal in repair and revivial of older stoves; maybe they could help? The other thing you might think of is removing the oven from the surround and replacing it with a "countertop" oven --these are a bit smaller but have convection and regular settings and work well and are fairly roomy inside. They cost less than $200 for a decent brand and if you are not cooking for an army this could be a good solution. I have one (along with a gas stove and a micro and a toaster oven--sheesh!) and we like it for smaller things---too big or not suited for toaster oven but don't want to use large gas oven--and ours has a rotisserie spit which we love. The only thing I don't "like" is on some models your old baking flat dishes might not fit---I have a lot of bakeware and even so I had to get a few different items--this is a few dollar "investment" just be aware --I have noticed some that claim to fit "regular" bakeware recently tho so that might be something to look for. The bake ware might be the right capacity but the side pieces might stick out too far---at least that is what we found--but some Pyrex --for about $10 and some metal pans--about the same---took care of this issue. And compared to the cost of a new oven at around $1000--well; at THAT rate this is a positive bargain!
  • Glenda D Glenda D on Jan 15, 2015
    @AddRuth V Hi Ruth, I am having the same problem with my O'Keefe & Merritt wall oven. The worst problem is that the new ovens start at 30'wide and I just don't have the space in the wall for that. Have you tried ...RepairClinic.com or ApplianceZone.com for any help. I can't remember if Hotpoint was taken over by another company or not but you could ask them and they might be able to steer you to the right place to start digging for model number especially if you send them good pictures inside and out. Sometimes that's all we can do. My oven is old my refrigerator is older and I am having problems finding new door seals. They want to send me a continuous seal that I would have to cut down to size and it is almond, my refrigerator is white. Don't give up those are just 2 repair sites on the internet and some of the people are so nice they will really put in some effort to help you. Glenda
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