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Since I inherited my grandmother's old sewing machine and have been sewing a lot more, I've been keeping the machine out between projects. I want to protect it from dust (and cats), so I usually just pop the hard cover it came with over it and let it be. However, the cover isn't anything to write home about. It's bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing, so I decided to make a sewing machine cover so that the machine would look more like a decoration in the room.
make a sewing machine cover, appliances, crafts, how to, reupholster
The first step is to measure your machine to get the correct dimensions for your three pieces. The big piece goes from front to back. I measured the cover my machine came with. Then you'll need two side pieces. My machine cover has a bit of a slope, so I had to cut the two side pieces at a bit of an angle.
make a sewing machine cover, appliances, crafts, how to, reupholster
Pin and sew the two side pieces to the the big piece as pictured above.
make a sewing machine cover, appliances, crafts, how to, reupholster
This is where it gets pretty difficult to explain without really detailed photos. Basically what you need to do now is fold your side pieces up and sew them to the big piece to make a box-like structure...
make a sewing machine cover, appliances, crafts, how to, reupholster
...that looks a bit like this one! Once you have this shape, you can press the seams, trim the excess fabric, and hem your raw edges.
make a sewing machine cover, appliances, crafts, how to, reupholster
And here is the final product! For more detailed instructions and additional photos, you can check out the full tutorial on my blog below!

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Suggested materials:

  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
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  • Babslee44
    on Jan 7, 2016

    I have a NU Wave Oven with extender ring that I would like to make a cover for. It is round, not sure just how to go about it, can you help?

    • Millies_mom47
      on Nov 5, 2017

      For this first you will need to make a template of the top of the oven. You can put a large enough piece of paper over the top and carefully use a marker to follow the edge of the oven. Or even better if you can lift it up and turn it over so you can place it on top of the paper then you can trace the oven on the paper or piece of cardboard like the kind used for cereal boxes. From this template you can cut out a piece of the fabric that will become the top of your oven's cover, remember when you cut this piece of fabric out to add an extra half inch to it, so you have enough fabric for the seam. After you've done that, then using a tape measure measure around the oven from one spot around to meet back at the starting point. Now you've got the length of fabric you'll need to make the side and make sure you add a half inch for the seam. Then you need to measure from the top of the oven down to the countertop and that gives you the width of the side fabric you just measured. Remember here to also add a half inch for the seam and hem. That means you'll have a quarter inch for the seam and a quarter inch for the hem. Now take the long piece you just measured for around the oven and join the ends making a quarter inch seam. And iron seam. Then take that circle you just created and pin it to the circle that you cut for the top of the oven putting the right sides of the fabric together. Now you can sew around where you've pinned the pieces together. And iron that seam open. Now all that's left is to hem it a quarter inch. Now if you've sewn before you know that you can make a eighth inch hem and iron it flat, and then iron it again another eighth of an inch and stitch it in place. And Viola you're done! Just press it and it's ready to cover your oven. I hope this helps you.

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  • Suzanne B
    on Jan 7, 2016

    Easy peasy for me. I have my mothers old machine and she always made covers for hers. I guess you could say mine came equiped. LOL

  • LuAnne Dean
    on Jan 8, 2016

    I made one very similar years ago but added pockets on the side for my scissors and reading glasses. 😊 It's time to update to some new fabric.

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