With all the baking that we've done over the holidays, alot of eggs were cracked at my house.

As I've posted in the past, eggshells are beneficial in the garden, especially for the tomato plants that need extra calcium to avoid blossom end rot next year!
Here's my method of saving the eggshells, crushing them and letting them dry out before tilling them into the soil.
Place the shells in the bucket.
Use a second bucket to crush the shells.
The smaller, the better!

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  • B
    on Jul 1, 2017

    Travis, are the egg shells good for all types of plants?
    • Travis P
      on Jul 4, 2017

      Thanks for asking, B!
      Think of the egg shells as compost which improves the condition of the soil. Rich soil will benefit all types of plants.


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  • We boil them and when cool, water my indoor plants. The shells then go out to the garden.

  • Carey
    on Nov 6, 2016

    I just put them out in my garden too. Most of the time I crush them after they have dried out, however I did discover that if I put them out where my Dog could get them, he went after them big time. Decided that if he needed the calcium it was okay. in time he stopped being so hungry for them.

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