Hey, I am back.

For those of my Hometalk friends that have followed me on my journey this October to see my dad, thank you for your kind words and prayers. He made it back from a almost death to smile, talk, blue eyes strong with life and love. December 24, 2011 I received the call that my dad passed away peacefully in his sleep and once again went out to L.A. for his funeral. My dad gave me so much, love, joy, a strong heritage and faith. He nurtured my soul as he bestowed upon me a love of nurturing the earth and all that it is about. Dad instilled in me a special love of nature, land, sea, sky, mountains. He gave me Yosemite National park, magestic granite mountains and thunderous waterfalls of overwhelming beauty, uniting my young spirit with the wisdom of time. My father gave me gentle meadows, the softness of serenity and spirituality, a passionate existence. Together, Dad and I walked a special path in the High Sierra ~ a path he directed to my heart, my soul, my intellect, a synthesis and unity of being at one with nature, encompassed in awe, splendor, and glacial creations. Walking with grace into life's embrace. It's you and me Dad, even though you have passed, it's still you and me. My son turned 17 three days later. We went to L.A for the funeral and see family, dear friends. Then I took my son to Yosemite to show him, and give him what his grandfather gave me. Thank you for listening, for sharing.

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