Asked on Mar 29, 2013

Water loving perennials?

Susan Stodola360 Sod (Donna Dixson)Douglas Hunt


I have a flower border all along my inner fence row in the backyard. However, one area sits in a low spot. No matter how much I try to raise it with soil, it flattens out and floods in the spring. I have a really tough time getting anything to grow here. Does anyone know of any perennials that can withstand heavy water????
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  • Jayme
    on Mar 29, 2013

    Native Iris love the water. Blue Flag is in Michigan and there is also a Louisianna version as well. In Michigan we find them a lot along river banks.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Mar 30, 2013

    Here's a list of plants from the Morton Arboretum of plants, including perennials, that are happy in wet sites. Those that will take an extended period of flooding are indicated by an asterisk:

  • Kristin Crankshaw
    on Mar 30, 2013

    Thank you all for the great info!

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Mar 30, 2013

    Happy planting!

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Apr 1, 2013

    for a ground cover you can use creeping jenny. I always enjoy twig dogwoods, (though a shrub and not a perennial.) in wet situations. Brass Black Buttons is a cutie for wet areas too. Crocosmia will also fare pretty well in a moist environment You could use horsetail, but it might become invasive. .

  • Susan Stodola
    on May 1, 2015

    You didn't say how big of an area you are dealing with and for how long it is wet. Would it be possible to actually nake a little pond? Or perhaps line the area with rocks to fasilitate the run off and use the area to stage some cute water resistant lawn ornaments.

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