Wall Shelf.

We have been constantly looking for a solution to store our TV boxes. Due to space issue we were looking for a compact and also a non-expensive item. Finally, We got an idea of placing a white shelf on top of the fire place for boxes. Now the problem is:
1. Not able to find the size we are looking for i.e. 60" L x 14" to 15" D.
2. Saw one at Low's which can be made to our specifications but a/ Not crazy about the quality and design (too plain and boring) and b/ only one side of the shelf is finished. I have no clue on how to take care of unfinished sides?
Does anyone know from where to find a good shelf? Also if sides are unfinished, how to take care of it? Or if I get one custom made, any idea how much it would cost? Please advice.
q wall shelf, shelving ideas, Just to give an idea of how it ll look once the shelf is installed Also once shelf is installed TV will shift even higher
Just to give an idea of how it'll look once the shelf is installed. Also once shelf is installed, TV will shift even higher.
q wall shelf, shelving ideas, Without shelf
Without shelf.
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Jan 08, 2012
    If I recall, you have done some nice projects in your house. I am confident that you can build a shelf yourself. You can certainly finish those edges yourself. I don't have much woodworking equipment, but there have been a couple of occasions when I needed an edge routed or something. I posted a request on Craigslist, and traded some cookies for a quick woodworking job in someone's garage. Also, are you concerned about problems with the TV or wires with the heat above the fireplace?
  • Why not simply make your own? Purchase a 5/4 x 16 inch wide popular or clear pine board that meets the length put a few legs on it to make it high enough to just fit the tallest device you have, paint it and set it into place. You can decorate the front with some trims to accent the current fireplace or simply using a router put a nice finish edge on the front of the board. By using the 5/4 wood you will end up with a thick shelf that can hold some weight should you need to place anything on it and its bulky size can be finished quite nice giving you a custom look. Once you have the design you want, you can drill holes on top so wires can be hidden behind the TV where they need to run up to it. Also if you put middle legs on it in middle and not make them as deep, you could seal off the back with plywood to create a compartment behind the equipment to hide wires. Once done putty and paint it white to match your color scheme in the home.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 09, 2012
    Building a low profile box out of MDF and painting it is pretty DIY freindly. To stream line the whole project and make it look extra tidy. You should have a power source there as well as the cable / satellite feed. ( unless it is just for dvds etc.) A box could be built for 60 to 80 bucks using some 1/2 or 3/4 MDF...1 sheet of material and 1/2 a dozen quick table saw cuts...some glue and clamps..then paint.
  • Preeti M Preeti M on Jan 09, 2012
    @ Steve, Thanks for giving me the much needed confidence. I'm going for it now..fingers crossed :) Re Fireplace, I am not worried about it as we don't use it. Anyways, burning woods in California is banned. As per new law, only electric fireplace can be used now. @Woodbridge and KMS, Thanks for your suggestions. I want a basic one which I can build myself and let me tell you one thing, this is something I am NOT very good at :)) I'll post pictures once I'm done with it.
  • 3po3 3po3 on Jan 09, 2012
    Good luck. I'm sure you will do great. Just be sure to mount it to the studs. Probably the most important detail to make sure it doesn't fall off the wall.
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