Asked on Jan 9, 2012

We need a commercial landscape architect. Our subdivision is about to lose our entrance due to Hwy 20 widening.

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We are in Cumming, GA and as residents are unfamiliar with processes to value or rebuild our subdivision entrance after widening of Ga Hwy20. Our subdivision developer was a victim of the real estate collapse and is unavailable to help. We would appreciate any advice.
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  • Hi Mary. Our firm has extensive experience with neighborhood planning, including entrance design. I'd be glad to speak with you further, send me an email at Thanks Miriam for passing along!

  • Does the sub-division have a home owners association? If so I would suggest that you get the advice of the attorney that represents them. If not I would seek one out. If the local highway is effecting the entrance to the community, it would be their responsibility I would think to fix this entrance. As overall its lowering your property values to the community. You need legal representative to make sure that what ever is done to the road and entrance area to your home is taken care of by the contractors, township, county or whoever is doing the work to the road. This repair should not be the communities responsibility. But as a community you all should have a say on what they do does not effect your value of your community property. .

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