I have a front door that does not work, the second oven sits on the floor, the back porch was never finished, on, on.

On August 8, 2011, a tornado hit our little farm home. First it tour the roof off then the rain caused the roof to collapse before the insurance company would do anything about it. We lost just about everything. The fultures came quickly promising us the world,but all they were in it for was the money. The front door is uneven and is very hard to close. The back porch was never finished, the second oven is sitting on the floor instead in the correct area of the wall, and I could go on and on. I practiced nursing for more than 36 years and when we lost everthing I gave up the fight and retired with disability due to my poor health. My husband is 61 and still works even with a history of bladder cancer and diabetes. Not only were the supposed constructon company bonded, one of their employes stole several items from us that can never be replaced such as my husbands High school and collage ring, Gold eagle money clip, and a gold cross necklace he gave me when we were dating. We never saw any compensation for these items. They also did not replace the fencing that we had before the Tornado. We were informed by "Phenoix" restoriation and construction company did not make enough money to make the corrections that needed to be done and if we wanted any else done, we would have to pay for it ourselves. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Debra
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Mar 31, 2013
    Deb...I would think a call to an attorney is in order. It seems to me that these guys were being a bit reckless with your home. As far as the missing gold, call your local law enforcement, city cops, county sheriff. whom ever has jurisdiction over you area....that should have been done as soon as you noticed
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 31, 2013
    @Debra Huffman I think @KMS Woodworks has provided good advice and would encourage you to follow through on it. If the company doing the work was bonded, find out who they are bonded through and contact that company. If there is a problem with your insurance covering the costs, I would contact them as to what your dispute is currently. I would also contact the insurance board for your area for advice on how to proceed and the proper path to follow. In our area, we have Better Business Bureaus to register complaints against businesses, they don't have the power to really help you but at least the complaint is registered and those contacting them about a business reputation are fore warned. Try to get all responses in writing including from the company doing the work, either by post or e-mail so that you have documentation for each step. Wishing you luck with a happy outcome :) Thanks for posting.
  • To add to the above (though calling an attorney falls to the bottom of my list) You may also wish to contact your insurance company (the poor work they will probably state is between you & the contractor) but paying the correct amount to make you whole again (assuming full replacement is on them) Theft should be covered (minus a deductible) Contact the BBB, state insurance board & the States Attorney General - they maybe able to help you / point you in right direction while hopefully helping to prevent said company from doing this to others. Unfortunately you do not have a state agency or board that oversees licensing, but there maybe one local that you should consider contacting
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 31, 2013
    @Debra Huffman sometimes businesses have to have a license from the city, so you could also contact them.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Apr 01, 2013
    Go to your insurance commissioner and file a complaint. Georgia used to have the best. Some years ago they put people off for 2 years after a tornado. Our commissioner finally got tired of the complaints and gave the 30 days to settle EVERY outstanding claim in the state or get out of the state. With Billions in policies over 900 or so houses made the Ins companies get it done! It also put the citizens in the catbird seat! At the same time, go to the bonding company. Did you ask for a copy of the bond from the bonding company or did you just take their word for it? Go to the police too! File charges. There is a lot a citizen can do. Get your proof together. You can do nothing unless you work for it. Contact charities for help...Habitat for the Humanities comes to mind. The Baptist Men's group built a house for a widow in my mom's neighborhood and help Mom and Dad fix up their place. Get active! Go for a grant! Call your congressman and ask for help. Write a letter laying out the details to your congressman and ask for assistance.
  • Department of banking normally regulates contractors. Check with them on this issue.
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