Asked on Mar 31, 2013

Hymalayan Honeysuckle

Douglas Hunt


Hello all, I have 2 Hymalayan Honseysuckle Trees in my back garden. I'm very much a novice where gardening is concerned and i'm wanting to move said trees to my front garden. When is the best time of year to do this and are there any special measures that should be taken?? Many Thanks!
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Apr 1, 2013

    Grace, I'll admit that I had never heard of this plant until your question, although it apparently has its devotees in the northwestern part of the United States. Generally speaking the best time to transplant is when a plant is dormant. So if your trees have not yet leafed out, now would be the perfect time. That being said, from what I've read, Himalayan honeysuckle (Leycesteria formosa) is usually described as aggressive or vigorous (or, for those in Australia or New Zealand, a nuisance weed), which suggests to me that you could probably move them at any time without too much concern, especially if they are not too large. The keys to a successful transplant are getting enough of the rootball and keeping the soil moist until the tree gets reestablished in its new location. Good luck.

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