Laundry Room Redeux Vintage Look With Modern Convenience

I took a large but poorly used laundry room and made it more functional with all the modern conveniences while paying homage to the ways of doing laundry in the past.
The near finished product
Before -- a badly placed plastic utility sink
This was a nice sized laundry room -- with a TON of wasted space! We actually put an old kitchen table in there for sewing!
Before - W/D side of room
Humidifier unit on wall -- and W/D on pedestals -- big gap between utility sink and W/D
I worked with a contractor to design a counter based sink around an old copper laundry tub. My plan was to decorate as an homage to the the old fashioned way of doing laundry.
Ordered the punched tin on line -- circle pattern mirrors the front of the W/D
Lowered the W/D to standard height and had countertop closer to W/D. Installed a small shelf above W/D for soaps and decor. Found this cool old window -- got something in mind for it...
Added lots of fun antique finds.
The wringer, wash boards and laundry tools were antiquing finds as were the old clorox and bluing bottles. This project became a treasure hunt.
Finally finished that window!
A mini laundry line hung to cover the humidifier and a hanging rack on the wall. Still would like to cover the plumbing box...
Antique drying rack is really functional!
Old kitchen table replaced with tons of shelving for linens, sewing machine, etc. More light is definitely on my to do list.
Even did a quick pastel of laundry on the line for this old window frame.

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