Hang towels over your sink with a tension rod

Use that empty space above your sink to stow towels, oven mitts - any type of clutter. Get tutorial here

Paint it and free up desk space

Paint an old muffin tin and store all of the bits and pieces from your desk. Get tutorial here

Keep kitchen countertops clean with baskets

Run an IKEA rod across the back of your countertops (under your cabinets) and hang baskets! Get tutorial here

Keep appliances safe with a framed charger

Use your tablet for movies or recipes in the kitchen? Keep it handy & out of the way! Get tutorial here

Or create a hanging station by an outlet

Never lose your phone under the clutter again, by making a special spot just for it. Get tutorial here

Add storage to the back of your counter

If you have an island or counter bar, make use of the back to free up the top, with shelves. Get tutorial here

Or create some stow space along the sides

Turn a counter side into storage for cookbooks & other clutter that sits on the counter. Get tutorial here

Keep paper towels ready, but stowed

This will help you keep counters clean, without having to leave space for a holder. Get tutorial here

Hang spices out of the way on the wall

You love having them around for cooking, but otherwise they should be stowed! This will help. Get tutorial here

Clear bathroom counters with a wall organizer

Banish the mess that greets you on the bathroom counter every morning with an easy organizer! Get tutorial here

Put toothbrushes on the wall with PVC pipes

Moving toothbrushes out of that cup on your counter isn’t only prettier, it’s cleaner! Get tutorial here

Or use large bottle caps

Try a minimalist approach with this easy Velcro and bottle cap storage idea for the wall. Get tutorial here

Turn mason jars into toiletry holders

Add a row of mason jars beside your bathroom mirror, to keep toiletries off the vanity. Get tutorial here

Declutter your desk with a command center

That’s the last time you lose an important note or receipt! Keep things in order with this. Get tutorial here

Declutter a bedroom vanity with clothespins

This clothespin idea may be the most versatile organizer ever - a true clutter buster. Get tutorial here

Take produce off the counter with a stand

If you prefer leaving produce outside the fridge, hold onto this space-saving idea. Get tutorial here

Clear craft corner clutter with a pegboard

Use a pegboard to organize all of your craft tools instead of storing them on your desk. Get tutorial here

Free up any surface with jean wall pockets

Turn old jeans into a wall organizer for miscellaneous bits in your bedroom or anywhere else! Get tutorial here