10 Tiny Changes That Will Cut Your Cleaning Routine in Half

Shorten the hours you spend cleaning your home with these easy ideas!

By Hometalk Highlights

Wipe greasy surfaces with baby oil first

Rubbing grease-caked cabinet corners and appliances with baby oil will make cleanup a breeze.

Clean your stove as you go

Don't let the mess build up and burn onto your stove top - wipe it away with a paper towel after you're done cooking.

Give your silver a baking soda & salt bath

In case you're not doing this yet, this bath will make sure you never polish silver again.

Soak crud-caked pots in vinegar

Instead of waging war on your dirty pots, save time by soaking them in a vinegar mix.

Let the microwave clean itself

While you sweep your kitchen, boil this cleaning mix in your microwave - instant gleam!

Put oven racks in the tub with fabric softner

Get the grease to peel easily off your oven racks, using fabric softener sheets and a bathtub.

Lay a towel on your glass stovetop

Make a glass stovetop sparkle by sprinkling baking soda and then covering it with a towel.

Keep dish soap & vinegar in the shower

Keep a scrub brush filled with dish soap & vinegar in the shower for easy cleanup.

Instead of dusting, wash your blinds

Blinds get gunky, but instead of making a racket and trying to dust each one, wash them!

Clean stove grates with plastic gallon bags

Instead of spending hours on your stove grates, leave them soaking in ammonia overnight.