Asked on Apr 2, 2013

Help!!!! I have two huge oak trees and they have shed their leaves, millions of them.

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PROBLEM: Does anyone have any( recipes for natural mosquito killer) ? I have two small dogs and i don't want chemicals in the yard that would make them sick. The mosquitos breed under the leaves from the oak trees and they are thousands of them under all of the leaves. I was trying to garden yesterday and the mosquitos were horrible. Raking the leaves are a never ending chore, and when i do rake the mosquitos sworm. Help, any advice would be appreciated.
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  • Maybe not the answer you are looking for but to deal with the leaf issue - mow them & turn them into mulch Of course it sounds like they are really soggy for mosquitos to be breading, so it may take a few times. As for natural, you may wish to pull a search on just the term mosquito as I know I have seen a few posts here

  • you need to remove the moisture that is allowing the bugs to breed. You may get bit up a bit but raking them up is your first line of defense. If the mosquitos are still an issue, check your gutters for ponding water that may collect if any blockage has occurred. It takes very little moisture for them to breed. If issues still continue you can purchase a propane powered device that will help without hurting any dogs or people. You can also do a search on this site at the top for some home brew methods. But these are often short lived and require constant service.

  • Trudie S
    on Apr 3, 2013

    Thanks for the info., the leaves are dry and i do mow and mulch them but as i said it is a never ending job. Just thought that i would spray them until i can get to them again. I also use the mulch in my mulch bin and that is one of the reasons that i would like for the spray to be organic. Thanks for the suggestion:0)

  • Sandy Pudoff
    on Jul 26, 2014

    @@ Trudie S I have severe allergies to all kinds of chemicals so I can't use sprays on my skin. I use that "Off clip on fan with DEET" which makes about a 6 foot bubble of mosquito free zone! My 1 yr old grand baby and I can sit and swing under the oak trees in the morning shade without a bite. We can wander around the garden and inspect the plants for new flowers (name that color?) or give the moss baskets (and the baby's feet) a squirt from the hose. No bites at all! I would do a commercial these things are so good!

  • Stephanie Blanton
    on Jun 5, 2015

    Put Listerine in a spray bottle and spray the area. They don't like it and it should be safe for your pets.

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