Asked on Apr 2, 2013

Granite Counters

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We are running into all kinds of problems with finding a counter top for our breakfast bar. We had a quartz picked out...they don't make it anymore. We picked out a granite that was definitely a second choice and they had to move the wall to make it fit without a seam. Now they are saying they don't have a big enough piece to fit it without a seam. Can anyone tell me if having a seam in a granite counter top is a problem and why. We are a bit frustrated about having to keep settling and want to make sure we don't do something we will regret. Thanks in advance!
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  • If the installing contractor knows and understands the proper methods of installing a granite top and because of size, weight or any other number of reasons why they cannot install unless its with a seam they should be able to install it and in such a fashion that it should be almost invisible. While you will still see the seam, the beauty of this natural material will prevent people from focusing on the seam and enjoy the new look you will soon have installed.

  • RHR
    on Apr 3, 2013

    Typically, the kitchens we remodel end up with a seam in the countertop due to the size of the granite slabs. The slabs simply aren't long enough for all cabinet runs. A good installer will do their best to match the granite at the seam, minimize the appearance of the seam, and make sure it's in an appropriate spot. Our homeowners haven't reported any seam problems. Enjoy your new tops!

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