Asked on Apr 3, 2013

What brand of caulking for the tub???? mildew PLEASE:)

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I have caulked many a tubs and but now we did a total bathroom redo (kids bathroom)last summer in a house that we moved into 5 years ago and the caulking around the tub is cracking and mildewed! I used: Tec Invision unsanded ready to use caulk. Someone from Home Depot/Lowes recommended it. It says of course that it is mildew and mold resistant, but there is an area that has mildew and has cracked off. My sister-in-law had bath fitters come in and replace their tub around the same time. My husband and I were pretty proud of ourselves for doing our whole bathroom for a fraction of what they paid for their new tub, shower and surround. But there is no comparison between their caulking and ours! Theirs is bright white and perfect and ours is.... mildewed and molded! So I know there is a brand out there that will not mildew and mold!
Can anyone help me!!?? I would love to know the magic brand because I have tried alot and now I just want one that will really work! Thanks for taking the time to read:)
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    on Apr 3, 2013

    Hi Christa, sorry to hear about your caulk problem. DAP 3.0 for Bathrooms & Kitchens is a fantastic product. We have rentals and DAP holds up very well. Here's there link

  • DAP as stated & many other high end versions are good at resisting mildew growth but you have to control what allows it to grow - namely water Run your bath & kitchen vents, don't leave wash clothes or sponges in those areas, be careful of bottles, plants, etc... also near those areas Make sure you completely remove & thoroughly clean up the areas you are caulking again

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