Rustic Valentines Heart Shaped Topiary

20 Minutes

I wanted to add some color and life into our cabin now that the Christmas decorations are down and the cabin feels empty. Since, Valentines Day is the next holiday that I decorate for, I decided to make a topiary with a live ivy plant in the shape of a heart.
Here are the items that I used to create the topiary.
This was a quick, easy project and I already had everything I needed except for the ivy plant.
I started out by adding a layer of small gravel in the bottom of the pot. This is to help with drainage because this pot does not have a hole in the bottom of it. Then I added a small layer of potting soil and transplanted the ivy plant into the new pot.
Next, I found a stick that I could attach to the bottom of the heart shaped grapevine wreath and I wired it to the wreath with floral wire.
I gently pushed the stick into the center of the plant, through the soil and gravel, all the way to the bottom of the pot. I had to cut the stick to the right height so that the bottom of the heart was right at the top of the ivy plant.
I began wrapping some of the longer vines of ivy around the grapevine wreath on each side until I liked the way it looked.
Lastly, I trimmed off a few of the really long vines and placed the topiary in our cabin as a Valentines Day centerpiece.
I didn't throw away the vine trimmings. I placed the trimmings in little bottles of water because they will grow roots easily. In a few weeks, I should be able to plant the trimmings in a pot of soil and I'll have another ivy plant.
If you'd like to see more about our cabin and additional projects please click the link below.

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  • A.E. Zaring
    A.E. Zaring
    on Jan 7, 2016

    your ivy topiary~how do you get the ivy to grow~I kill it every time I buy some~

    • Laura Page
      Laura Page
      on Jan 7, 2016

      Me too!

    • @A.E. Zaring I haven't had a lot of luck in the past and am keeping my fingers crossed for this ivy plant. I did read up on it some and it needs moist soil, not too wet and thrives between 60 - 70 degrees. I'm giving it another try though.

    • Deborah Hale
      Deborah Hale
      on Jan 9, 2016

      Most ivy plants "thrive on neglect" - this means that you should essentially leave them alone and only water them occasionally. After all, if it can grow up trees and the sides of houses, how much attention does it really need? A good rule of thumb is actually to carry a #2 pencil with you when you make the rounds with your watering can. Stick the point end of the pencil in until you've completely buried the bare-wood part. Pull the pencil back out and look at it - is the wood wet? There's no guess-work involved, the wood will turn dark if it's wet. And if it's wet, it doesn't need water. Also, if you feel like a bad "plant parent" if you don't fertilize your plants (most of them don't really need much), you can add about 1/4 cup of cold coffee to a gallon of water before you make the rounds with your watering can. I used to do that for all of my plants every time I watered and had great success. Seriously, though, use that #2 pencil BEFORE you water!

  • Cindy Stone
    Cindy Stone
    on Jan 10, 2016

    where did you get the heart heart grapevine ? did you make it or buy it ? I have grapevines but don't know how to start to make a wreath.

    • @Cindy Stone I have grapevines too, but don't know how to bend them to make a heart shape. I found this one at a thrift store, but I have seen them at Michaels craft store. Also someone mentioned they have used a wire clothes hanger and bent it into the shape of a heart to make one.

  • Mse1612009
    on Jan 11, 2016

    Yes, where did you get the heart wreath?

    • @Mseo111 This one came from a thrift store. Lucky find. The local craft stores here sell them where they sell round grapevine wreaths. Someone else had commented that they have made these using wire clothes hangers that they bent into the shape of a heart, which I think is a great idea too.

  • ArtRockstar
    on Jan 11, 2016

    Really cute idea thanks for sharing, I noticed also the siding of I think your home behind the topiary; is it a cabin? I love it!!

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  • Susan Price Smith
    Susan Price Smith
    on Jan 22, 2018

    I really like this project! Good job!
  • Sassy
    on Feb 22, 2019

    I bought a heart topiary at a garden center on a thin wire frame. (It is beautiful). I like your project with the grapevine wreath because it looks sturdy...especially as the plant fills out. I will try your idea.

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