Asked on Apr 3, 2013

Can you help me decide how to top this tall/narrow table?

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The nature of our basement family room is such that I wanted a pub height table that could fit behind the sofa - about the width of a bar counter. There was actually a perfectly-wide but way-too-long shelf in another part of the house that I aimed to cut down and use as a top - it had a nice 3/4" border and everything. After the building the rest of the table, I realized I couldn't very well stain a laminated table top and it would look silly compared to the rest. Below the laminate, which is taking WAY too long to remove with a chisel and hammer, the wood is just flaky plywood that is sort of falling apart.
Salvage the top somehow?
Just get a board and cut it down, add a margin?
Some other inexpensive approach?
The "top" - laminate partially chipped off - revealing less than great quality below,
The table, upside down
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