23 Insanely Clever Ways To Eliminate Clutter

These tried and true organizing ideas are blowing up on Hometalk!

By Hometalk Highlights

Turn a Frame into a Key Rack

Stop losing your keys with a cute and clever key rack that's sure to grab your eye.

Make Canned Food Organizers

Use scrap wood for pantry organization that's on par with your favorite grocery store.

Use Trim to Store Heels on the Wall

Add trim to your closet or bedroom wall, and never misplace your best pumps again.

Build a Window Seat That Doubles as Storage

Hide your storage in plain sight, with easy and beautiful DIY window seats.

Hang Wooden Crates for Spacious Shelves

Shelves are always a good addition to a blank wall, but crates can store ten times more!

Organize Towels on a Ladder

Hang your fluffy towels on a repurposed ladder, to take advantage of open vertical bathroom space.

Get Easy Storage with a Wine Crate

Turn an old wine crate into a stylish place for toiletries, throws, or whatever needs stowing!

Put Drawers into Your Staircase

Outfit your regular staircase with sturdy drawers inside each riser, to get some secret storage.

Display Jewelry on a Fabric Covered Corkboard

Organize and display your jewelry in way that makes it easy to choose, with a hanging board.

Cut Cardboard Boxes into Book Organizers

Hang rods across your wall to provide ample space for buckets full of supplies.

Use Wire Racks for Added Wall Storage

Wire racks are the best tool for storing items like paint bottles in a way that saves space.

Make Living Room Stow Space from an Old Door

Turn an old door into a joint organizer-coffee table, for extra linen or kids' toys. (Rita @This

Add a Hidden Pantry Cabinet

Expand your pantry space by adding in a roll-away cabinet for containers and cans.

Put Shelves Above Your Toilet

Use that empty wall above the toilet for tons of blissful vertical organization.

Keep Extra Toilet Paper Nearby with a Crate

Pair a crate with a license plate or wood dowels, to keep TP out of the way but close.

Store Spools with Pegboard & Wood Dowels

Make sure your threads are knot- and fuzz-free by storing them on the wall with pegboard.

Upcycle Some Easy Tool Storage

Use old drink mix canisters or PVC pipes to make tool organizer with space for everything.

Give Your Pantry a Clean Look With Wallpaper

No matter how your pantry actually looks, a pretty back wall will make it look awesome.

Use Baskets to Streamline Your Storage

This is an easy way to streamline your look, whether in your pantry, or laundry room.

Keep Ribbon Spools on a Pants Hanger

Store all of your gift and craft ribbon in one, easy-to-reach place with a pants hanger.

Put a Spice Rack on Your Pantry Door

Instead of storing spices on the counter, put them up & away on the pantry door.

Add Labels and Color to Bins for Easy Stowage

Make your storage bins look good so they blend into decor by adding color and labels.

Turn a Filing Cabinet into a Tool Organizer

Get your hands on an old filing cabinet for this brilliant tool organizing upcycle.