Asked on Apr 4, 2013

Hello i have worn out anolium floors tile,an would like to know a cheap way i might could paint them to save money ..

Gregory Tim JohnsonCreativeFarmGalPNP Craftsmen


,just curious to no if u can paint them to save some money ,Their in good shape just the color has faded some what an just doesnt look good or shine at all,Thanks for your help if u have any advise for me...Gregory
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  • PNP Craftsmen
    on Apr 5, 2013

    I would personally never paint vinyl or linoleum tiles....., however if you need a quick facelift and its a low traffic area and you are not expecting to get long life out of the floor, try sanding and garage floor paint.

  • Gregory Tim Johnson
    on Apr 13, 2013

    Thanks PNP Craftsman,for the idea,will give it a try an let u know my results an a pic of the outcome,May God Bless u an have a great day....

  • CreativeFarmGal
    on Apr 20, 2013

    I painted my bathroom linoleum and it was awesome! (I say "was" because we have now moved from that house). First use TSP to THOROUGHLY clean it. Let dry completely. Sand any glossy spots and wipe dust with a tack cloth. Clean again and let dry. Prep is the most important part of the project. Then paint however you like. Coat with 3 coats of non-yellowing polyurethane. Good luck, I think you will enjoy it!

  • Gregory Tim Johnson
    on Apr 26, 2013

    Thanks creative for the great idea,will try it in a small area first to see how it goes ,when i get finished i will post the results an maybe it will help someone else with similar problems,Thanks,Gregory..

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