Asked on Apr 4, 2013

Would anybody like to exchange articles for a Home Improvement Blog?

CraftPro Home ImprovementsSLS Construction & Building Solutions LLC


My company's blog, Home Improvement by CraftPro (, is looking to increase its content. Currently I (Richard D'Angelo) write most of the articles though we have had a few guest articles written. Our guidelines are lenient, we just ask that the content be relevant and for reciprocation and authorship markup. Anybody interested?
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  • Just my .02 - be careful on just doing exchanges, Google doesn't like link exchanges & if they associate your blog as doing that... It also pays to be a little picky as the not so great (i.e. I just want a link pieces) can hurt other good ones. By the way, the few pieces I saw - nice job

  • I just saw this response - sorry for the delay. Yeah I know all about Google and its aversion to duplicate blog content. We always exchange original content only. And thanks I'm glad you liked what you saw! There has been a LOT of changes and more content since your post on April 4th:

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