Hula Hoop Chandelier


This is my Hula Hoop Chandelier. The arbor on the back patio was blocking the house light from above and it always seemed dark. But, not anymore! Couldn't wait until it turned dark tonight so I could see how it looked! :) Just needs a little touch-up with the paint tomorrow! Items needed: Hula hoop, spray paint, 2 strands of icycle lights, electrical tape and some heavy fishing line. I bought the hula hoop for $1 and we had all the other supplies!
Spray paint the hula hoop to match the wires on your icycle lights, tape lights at every hanging icycle and hang with fishing line!
A Hula Hoop Chandelier brightens our patio!

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  • Lillie Burns
    on Apr 26, 2017

    This is awesome! I want to try it. How did you mount the hula hoop? Did you use battery operated lights.
    • LeeAnn M
      on May 1, 2017

      I used 4 strands of fishing line to tie the hula hoop to the arbor. We had a light on the house above the arbor, but it didn't shine through the arbor very well. I took out the light bulb and screwed in one of those electrical outlets with metal light bulb ends on them. I put the bulb back in to light up the yard a little. Then I wove the electrical cord through the arbor and plugged it in to the new outlet.
      , Screw in electrical outlet
  • Dju17954773
    on May 1, 2017

    instructions to do this hula hoop C
    • LeeAnn M
      on May 1, 2017

      Wrap the lights around your hula hoop. Tape them in place every 6 to 8 ". I used fishing line to tie the hula hoop to the arbor. I plugged my lights into a outlet we had on the house so I can use the switch by the back door.
  • Brenda
    on Jul 25, 2017

    what length was the string of lights You used? I've never seen the plug outlets that can be screwed into a lightbulb socket. What a cool concept.
    • LeeAnn M
      on Aug 16, 2017

      If, I remember right, I used two small strings of lights.

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  • 27524803
    on Aug 26, 2017

    This would work with Solar string lights too... and a large wooden hoop would be good... GREAT Idea !!
  • Jaden alcocer
    on Jan 26, 2019

    I tried this project, but instead of the hoola hoop I used a wired plant holder.

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