Asked on Apr 6, 2013

Does Alligator Grass grow anywhere outside of Louisiana? And can it be transplanted?

Chris Alcasas DeihlJayme


This grows on the Bayou. Breaks apart when trying to pick.
I was told it was Alligator grass, but seeing Alligator grass...this is not it.
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  • Jayme
    on Apr 6, 2013

    Does it kind of resemble like a miniature bamboo? And when you try to pick it will come apart right at the little joint? If so, we have that here in Michigan too only I think when I was a kid we called it snake grass or horse tail grass or something like that. In Michigan you can find it along beaches and near the water.

  • Chris Alcasas Deihl
    on Apr 6, 2013

    That's exactly what it looks like, and it breaks as you say. Found it growing along The Bayou. I was told Alligator grass, but when I looked it up, it wasn't anywhere close to my picture. I was also told, it only grew in Louisiana. I will let them know. Thank you so much.

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