Asked on Apr 7, 2013

15 yr old kitchen window has lost it's seal.Condensation apparent between the two panes.Any fixes, or buy new?

Jeanne FClay BWoodbridge Environmental


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  • Well I know some companies that offer a service like that... but the question is the cost, reason, and how long it might last - basically they puncture the seal, run a vacuum & add some sort of sealer &/or gas back in You might be lucky where you live & have a company that does this with good references & results or you might just end up replacing them

  • Gail Salminen
    on Apr 8, 2013

    @Jeanne F I think @SLS Construction Solutions has a very good point. You may want to investigate having the window completely replaced, check to see how old your window is as the windows these days are much more efficient at keeping out the cold and heat in as well as sheilding from the outdoor heat. You may even want to consider, if there are other windows in the room, replacing those at the same time. We had ours replaced a few years ago, not all but most, and it has made a huge difference in the enegy bills. There are companies that will repair the condensation problem, but the only benefit may be fixing the window for the same problem to reappear in a short time. Wish you well in your results. Thanks for posting :)

  • Do you know what brand of window you have? If it's one of the better known manufacturers, it may be worth having the damaged sash replaced. Sometimes you can even have the dual glass removed from the sash and replaced. If it's a no name, run of the mill unit.....just replace it.

  • Quite honestly on this, there is little loss of energy when the seal is lost on this type of window. Other then cosmetic issues the loss of the seal would not even be seen in your utility bills. You can notice however a drafty feeling when the seal is damaged but its not because of air leaking in or out, but the warm air in the house hitting the cooler surface causing the warm air that is suddenly cooled to fall fast creating that drafty feeling one seems to feel around their windows. Almost all windows that have double pane or even triple pane glass installed can be changed out. Depending upon the size of the window would determine the cost, but most standard sized windows end up costing around $45 for the glass plus the service call to remove and replace. If you can remove the sash by tilting it sideways after the window is tilted in for the cleaning simply take the whole sash to the glass company and have them replace the glass for you and save a few bucks on the service call. As far as changing the entire window, This would depend upon several factors, would the new window match what is there already? What is the cost of a new one as compared to simply replacing the glass with a new one with a new seal. And just how bad is the fogging can you live with it?

  • Clay B
    on Apr 9, 2013

    I would start with the manufacturer of the window. Often, the manufacturer will give you a new sash free of charge. Andersen has a 20 year warranty, but most often, gives a free replacement anyway. First, look over the window for a manufacturer (A/W is Andersen). Key places to look; WIndow Lock and/or hardware/hinges. Look in corners of glass, often a slight etching on glass with manufacture logo or something. Look on metal band in-between the glass (the metal band that separates the inside and outside glass, sometimes it's there (might be tiny but look all around the entire perimeter of this. Write down any numbers/letter you see, and where you found them. Then measure, most companies want the glass size, the width and height of the visible glass; then measure the entire sash for verification. Often, with all this info, even if the window is not under warranty, these numbers/measurements is all that needed to order a new sash with the glass already in it; which is usually easy to replace. If you determine the manufacture, contact them to find out what to do, or where to order etc. Also note what the sash/window is made of, wood, wood with vinyl outside etc. Be sure to ask how to remove the sash and replace if needed, if you don't already know. Many double hungs, you just tilt in 90 degrees, tilt one side back up about 6 inches to disengage the pins that hold it in, and remove sash, then do the opposite to re-install.

  • Jeanne F
    on Apr 14, 2013

    I am going to contact the manufacturer though. Thanks so much

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