Asked on Apr 8, 2013

pest birds

Sun BunniWoodbridge Environmental


I have a problem with birds (Robins) from trees across the street flying over to my vehicle, hitting the windows, pooping all over the window shield and the side view mirrors. I purchased fake owls and set them by the vehicle, but they are still at it.
Any suggestions????
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  • Put a cover on the car. Fake owls, snakes etc only work to keep them from landing. Once they are airborne, your out of luck.

  • Sun Bunni
    on Apr 9, 2013

    Thanks Woodbridge Environmental!

  • Sun Bunni
    on Apr 15, 2013

    The birds were driving me crazy...each detail job on the vehicle only resulted in more bird poop in the side view mirrors. The fake owl was helpful in stopping the birds from landing, but still bird poop. The idea of a vehicle cover inspired me to take plastic grocery bags and tie them on each side view mirror. Ta-Da!!!! five days clean!!!

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